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Damage following Buncefield oil depot explosion

Crisis Management

It is the aim of every business to do all it can to avoid a crisis. However, this can not always be achieved and when a crisis is thrust upon you, the reputation and wellbeing of the company will depend on the quality of preparation and rehearsal undertaken before the event.

As crisis management advisers the professionals at MacIvor Grant will work alongside the client team at all stages of the Planning and Preparation phases. In the event of a crisis occurring they will fully support the client in the implementation of pre-planned contingencies and the beginning of the Recovery process. Our service will continue until the client has achieved a return to normal operations and we will continue to support throughout the aftermath, however this may evolve.

The programmes designed by MacIvor Grant will enable you to say:

" We did all that could be expected of a reasonable company to avert this disaster and then to minimise its impact when it occurred "

MacIvor Grant's Service Good Crisis Management is based on:

  • Anticipation
  • Preparation
  • Rehearsal

MacIvor Grant personnel have prepared major companies around the world to handle a crisis by:

  • Production of Plans/Manuals
  • Selection and Training of Crisis Management Teams
  • Design of Control Centres
  • Production and Direction of Simulation Exercises

Our aim is to place your company in a position to meet the unexpected with the confidence that you have done all that could be expected of you to minimise the risk and sustain your reputation and your business activity.

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